The Hon” NGT orders that it does not have the jurisdiction to declare Aarey as a forest and asks us to move the High Court or the Supreme Court to get Aarey declared as a forest.It directs us to withdraw our petition which we do and start steps to file petition before the High Court.

The BMC issues a notification for calling objections to proposed felling of 2300 trees in Aarey,. The last date for receiving  objections is 3.9.2018 and the public hearing is slated for 10.9.2018 before the Gardens Superintendent at his office at Byculla .

In the meanwhile, the MMRCL start chopping off the trees at UNIT 19, Aarey colony ,which is the site for the the ramp of the carshed. The citizens protesting against cutting of trees are detained by the police at Aarey police Station and then let off with a warning.

The Aarey conservation group and all associate groups continue their consistent efforts to raise awareness and support for Aarey continue on Twitter, Facebook and  the Social media.