Aarey Mahotsav

Excerpt from Pradip Krishen’s book Jungle Trees of Central India:

It is easy to forget that trees are active players and not just ornamental props in our world. Trees matter, not only because they are useful to us, but also because they are vital components of the biosphere.

 If we could rapidly unspool the last few hundred million years, we would see a rapidly shifting pageant of trees speciating, invading or retreating on an epic scale.

 Trees have decisively shaped our planet and continue to do so…

Tree Appreciation Walks are one of the cornerstones of our awareness programs. Participants accompany ACG’s experts on a two-hour trek within Aarey, rediscovering trees. Interesting anecdotes, ecological and economic significance, peppered with stories and trivia make this one of our most popular outreach programs.

During Tree Walks:

  •       Carry water and snacks (alcohol consumption and smoking prohibited)
  •       Wear comfortable and protective clothing in muted or dull colours
  •       Apply insect repellant cream or dab some citronella oil on clothing (a natural repellent)
  •       Carry an umbrella or raincoat during monsoons
  •       Use of a camera without permission is prohibited within Aarey. Please check with your ACG coordinator before bringing one
  •       Carry a garbage bag for your use. Help us keep Aarey litter-free
  •       Please consult your ACG coordinator If you plan to get kids or pets
  •       Register for our next tree walk by sending an email to aareyconservationgroup@gmail.com (Subject: Tree Walk)
  •       Be on time

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