Email Template

Date: _____________


Assistant Garden Superintendent

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM)

MCGM Ward: _____________

Suburb or Area: ____________


Pincode: __________________

CC: Superintendent of Gardens, MCGM

CC: Municipal Commissioner, MCGM

CC: Mr D. Stalin, Vanashakti (NGO)

Dear Sir,

Avenue trees are being choked at their base due to concretization in several areas of


As you may be aware that an order by the National Green Tribunal directed the

MCGM to remove the concrete and create tree basins to help these trees get

adequate water and nourishment (Order #13, dated 16 January 2015)

This has not been complied with for the following tree(s) of :

Street Name:  _________________

Location: ____________________

Landmark 1: _________________; Landmark 2: _________________

Area : ________________

We request that a tree basin be made at the earliest, as per NGT specifications

(1mX1mX1m), all rubble be cleared and adequate soil be provided. Please inform us

of the same, so that we can do site inspections and close the complaint.


Signature: _________________

Name: ____________________

Mailing Address: ________________________________________________

Attached: Photographs of damaged/threatened trees (Y/N)

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