A happy and healthy tree needs much more than just sunlight, water and soil. It’s health equally depends on the conditions beneath the ground.

The roots of a tree not only absorb water and nutrients but also help to anchor the tree. When something goes wrong with the roots or conditions are altered around your tree, the tree goes into “stress”.

Some of the reasons include:

 Altering/tampering the space around a tree during underground cabling, repaving and repair work of roads.

 Building and altering drainage. When such work is carried out carelessly, the roots are damaged which causes the trees to become unstable. This is the

reason trees topple over during heavy rains or storms.

 Roads concretized right up to the base of the tree, rob the tree of moisture and soil. It prevents water from percolating down to the roots thus stunting the

trees growth. Worse still, the concrete dust slowly and steadily seeps down to its roots

 Throwing rubble and trash, littering around trees The bad news is that when stress is extreme, your tree is damaged permanently and

either dies, falls or needs to be cut down.

The good news is that, in most cases, this stress is reversible!


Take action now to Free the Tree!

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