I stand for animals & I OBJECT the construction of ZOO in Aarey Forest, Mumbai

The battle to Save Aarey Forest from the The Mumbai Metro 3 Car shed is all too familiar. But what is not known by many is that Aarey has been continuously sought to be exploited since many decades now. This unique biotope is under threat, not just from the Mumbai Metro 3 car shed, but also from a number of other projects that are vying to find space within the Aarey Forest.

The Aarey Forest is also home to a large tribal population. There are 27 padas within Aarey and the tribal way of life is under severe threat due to the onslaught of ‘development projects’ that are making way into Forest Land. Some of these tribal families, have in fact, been forcibly moved to SRA projects which has in turn become a cause for immense suffering for these families.

The proposed Zoo is one of the latest projects that is doing just that - destroying the forest and uprooting tribal settlements. We strongly feel that forests must be treated as protected areas and no developmental projects of any kind must be allowed in them. It’s important for us tax payers to note that in just 2 months time the area proposed for the Zoo in Aarey Forest increased to double size (from 100 acres to 240 acres)!

Please read the petition below to learn more about why this Zoo is being protested by tribals and non tribal mumbaikars alike. The draft is made ready to send across your objections/suggestions to the CM and other related ministries. LONG PRESS the green button for the draft letter to open in your mailbox. You are free to edit if you wish.

Photo Credit: Ranjeet Jadhav


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